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01 April 2007 @ 04:42 pm
New interviews, more questions answered  

15th March 2007 - West Hollywood
Michael Doven's Photography Exhibition hosted by Point De Vue - March 15, 2007

TV Guide - 24 Preview: Has CTU Not Solved Its Mole Problem?

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Questions & Answers
"Do you have a favorite episode of the Star Wars movie series?" - John L

Empire Strikes Back. I couldn't wait for that to come out!

"Do you like to play tennis, soccer, or even work out if you have spare time?" - K

Yes I do work out in my spare time. I love playing sports when I have the opportunity. Recently, I have gotten into Beach Volleyball... so fun!

"With your passion for music, do you play or sing?" - Damon W.

I sing amazingly... in my car and in the shower. :)

"Is there any role/character you haven't yet had the opportunity to play that you would love to sink your teeth into?" - Julie W.

I am looking forward to doing a Romantic Comedy someday.

"You say you are part latin american. What country? I hope its Puerto Rico." - Victor

Well, my mom was born in Texas on the border of Mexico. I believe she is part Mexican & Spanish.

"Are you really half Hungarian? wow! I'm from Hungary :) Have you ever been here or all your familiars live in America? Or maybe do you speak Hungarian a bit? :)" - Timi

My father, who I have never met, is part Hungarian & Romanian. But since I have never met him I don't know much about the culture. I do hope to travel there someday!